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SWC X Bendigo Pottery Candle

Heritage Pottery Vessel Pudding Candle


Honoured to team with the longest-operating pottery company in Australia, we are excited to offer a limited edition Magic Pudding candle, hand poured into a handcrafted pottery pudding bowl. Our union with Bendigo Pottery brings together many of our favourite things – Australian historical narrative, authentic local design, and old-fashioned home cooking – and the outcome is sure to inspire masses of joy and nostalgic warmth during your festive season and beyond.

Each limited edition Magic Pudding candle bowl is imprinted with the Bendigo Pottery and Southern Wild Co stamps. Filled with triple-wicked soy coconut wax in our richly seasonal scent, the generous pottery bowl becomes a keepsake to repurpose once the candle burns down. Whether you use it to make a delectable Christmas pudding or you spoon your breakfast oats into it each morning, the Magic Pudding bowl is a modern heirloom designed with intention and love.


Bendigo Pottery, Dja Dja Wurrung and Taungurung Country, Bendigo Victoria


Triple-wicked classic pudding bowl candle in Magic Pudding candle scent
Red Mandarin / Cardamon / Whiskey


Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind classic pudding bowl in almond glaze, handstamped with Southern Wild Co and Bendigo Pottery.

  • Hand poured, Australian made candle
  • 260g 9.17oz soy coconut wax blend
  • Triple 100% cotton wicks
  • Classic pudding bowl ceramic
  • Approx. 60hr burn time

Our candles come with an important safety label on the base of our vessels and packaging to ensure you are well informed on the correct and sensible use of our products. Please take a moment to read through this to equip yourself with candle safety best practices.

In addition to standard safety guidelines on the safety label, please read the helpful advice below to remember when using our candles:

  • On your first burn, light your candle for at least three hours. This will allow an even melt across the surface of the candle and will avoid tunnelling. Tunnelling results in a ‘tunnel’ effect running down the centre of your candle.
  • Ensure the wick is kept trimmed to approximately 5mm in length to control the flame height and burn time. Trimming ensures that the candle will burn evenly, but also helps ensure you will get a nice clean and even burn throughout the lifetime of your candle. Looking after your wick is essential and will pro-long the life of your candle. Our Click Go The Shears Wick Trimmer is the perfect accessory and have been designed to cleanly cut your wick every time.
  • To finish your burn, elegantly extinguish the flame by using a candle snuffer or cloche. This prevents any chance of the melted wax from spilling.
  • Keep your candle free dust by using the lid from the tube packaging or under a Southern Wild Co glass cloche.
  • Avoid burning candles in draughty areas. This encourages an even burn and maximises your candles lifetime.
  • Discontinue use of your candle once wax is 10mm from the bottom. This will prevent any heat damage and cracking of glass.
  • Always burn your candle on a flat and stable surface.
  • Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of children or pets.

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