We’re pleased to share our unique creative space, ‘The Shedquarters’ with you this year for a small number of workshops designed to ignite your curiosity, enhance your skills, and elevate your journey towards personal and professional growth.

Whether you’re an aspiring stylist, photographer, artist or candlemaker, a seasoned creator, or simply someone looking to infuse more creativity into your life, our carefully crafted experiences are here to guide you.

Styling the Season: Autumn – 6.4.24

with Albert & Grace x SWC

A guided sojourn through the season focusing on daily rituals, seasonal styling and how to incorporate them for a slower more intentional life.


The Hidden Landscape 17–19 May 2024

with Julianne Ross Allcorn x SWC

A 3-day immersive creative dive into the hidden Australian landscape, guided by Julianne Ross Allcorn with a focus on drawing and watercolour painting.