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        <em>the</em> <b>Signature</b> Collection

        the Signature Collection

        Handcrafted in Australia, our range of three unique fragrances are designed to bring a little bit of the wild Australian landscape into your home. We work with Australian artists, photographers and iconic Australian poetry to visualise the scent identity of each candle in an artful, eye-catching way.

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        <b>born</b> <em>in the</em> <b>bush</b>

        born in the bush

        Working with Australian perfumers to create artisan scents, our inspiration is taken from our sparkling southern sky, the wild oceans that surround our island home and the vast expanse of our wide brown land.

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        our latest instagram

        wild about

        • 08 March, 2019 Picnics in the paddock
          Picnics in the paddock

          A beautiful story about meaningful connections made over the simple act of sharing food, stories and creative touches reminds us to stop, slow down and take time to enjoy the moment.


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        • 07 March, 2019 Inspiring women
          Inspiring women

          In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re sharing the first of a series of insights into some of the amazing Australian women who have inspired us on our journey so far.

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        • 16 November, 2018 Bush Bathing
          Bush Bathing

          Since time immemorial, we have known that it makes us feel well to simply be in nature. Restorative, rejuvenating and even primitive - the act of letting oneself be washed over by the natural environment has been proven by numerous studies to have positive effects on our physical and mental health.

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        • 27 September, 2018 Artist Paul Ryan
          Artist Paul Ryan Jennine Primmer catches up with her old friend, artist Paul Ryan to learn more about how his life by the ocean has influenced his ever-changing, powerful, emotive, whimsical and often darkly funny work.

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