The Scent Story


A melting pot of native Australian botanicals and homegrown flora, Sirens is a luscious blend of lemon myrtle, native plumbush and rose wrapped gracefully in warm woody undertones.



Lemon Myrtle / Green Tea


Rose / Patchouli / Jasmine


Native Plumbush / Vanilla
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Our Inspiration


Sirens of the Bush by Luisa Brimble


Love slowly, like a ship full of flowers by Sidney Nolan

Inspired by the floral images of photographer Luisa Brimble and the quote, Love slowly like a ship full of flowers by iconic artist, Sidney Nolan, Sirens pays homage to country gardens and the wild bush on our doorstep.

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‘Love slowly, like a ship full of flowers.’


In the mood for love

Sirens was launched for Mother’s Day in 2019, an apt time for celebrating all things feminine and Mother Nature.

Our thinking behind the theme for the candle was ‘dark bush glamour’. We referenced the strange and beautiful nature of indigenous flora combined with introduced flora to symbolise the coming together of Australia’s different cultures, in turn forming our own special and unique culture. We wanted it to be all about the wild and romantic ideal of the bush and the part it plays in our national identity. A sort of melding of the safety of our own gardens and the wildness at its borders.

We had been following the work of photographer Luisa Brimble through various publications and on instagram and admired not only her thoughtful and evocative food and lifestyle images but also her passion, openness and generosity of spirit when it came to sharing information about her work and processes. As a Filipino-born Australian, it seemed a perfect fit for our concept of the coming together of different cultures. Luisa accepted with a resounding ‘Yayyysssss’!

The art direction for the image was to reference the Dutch master-style flower paintings and early convict artists’ botanical paintings. We also wanted to channel Blue Mountains artist, Norman Lindsay’s voluptuous figure paintings and celebrate the bush and our unique flora. The result: Rich, dark and glamorous with snatches of bright pink, lipstick red and flesh.

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The words

The beautiful quote on the deep red glass of Sirens is by Australian artist, Sidney Nolan. One of Australia’s most beloved home-grown artists, his paintings are among the most recognised artworks in Australia today, including his iconic Ned Kelly series and the evocative series of Leda and the Swan paintings. This beautiful quote, from a man married three times over, captures the wild and romantic spirit of our new scent. Who wouldn’t want to love slowly like a ship full of flowers?

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Gardens we love


Hillandale Gardens is a special place. Hidden away in Yetholme on the Great Western Highway, this fairy-like garden is home to towering Rhododendrons, a woodland, fern-lined spring creek, picturesque dam and a 120m long double herbaceous border. A magnificent rambling country garden filled with flowers and beautiful mature trees, Hillandale is the ultimate country garden at the edge of the wild bush.


The village of Rockley has a special place in our hearts, being the closest to the SWC Shedquarters. Each year, on the second weekend of November, the village of Rockley opens it’s gardens and studios to the public to raise money for the renovation of The School of Arts Hall, which was built in 1890. There’s a wonderful festive atmosphere and offers the perfect chance to experience some lovely country gardens and local artworks.


Grown and nurtured by artist, horticulturist and former garden designer, Colleen Southwell, The Garden Curator is a creative nod to all things found, inspired by, and cultivated in the garden and bush landscape beyond. We’ve been enamoured by Colleen’s incredible work both in the garden and the studio. We love her generous gardening tips and sneak peaks of her latest artworks via her inspiring Instagram account.

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Sirens is my all time favourite candle scent, I burn candles every day and pick scents depending on what I feel like at the time mostly and nothing compares to this scent. I have a strong sense of smell so scent association is huge for me & Sirens is so rich & exquisite & dreamy, it’s beyond gorgeous – thank you for creating something so divine for all of us to share.