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We’ve been connected to ‘the chatters’ as the tribe of Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb’s podcast devotees have become known, through their Facebook page. It’s a friendly space for sharing recipes, viewing and book recommendations as well as random acts of kindness within the group of mainly women (43.7k and counting!). We’re only just now going back to listen to the podcasts – there are 168 of them if you want to catch up with us!


Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales chat 10 looks 3


The podcast is a peripatetic listen in which Sales and Crabb discuss what they're reading, watching, cooking, listening to or irrationally exhilarated by. The podcasts themselves are just like listening to your smart, funny friends chat and because the two women are best friends there are also a lot of ‘in jokes’ and gentle fun poking – this from Crabb on Sales:

‘One of them likes show tunes and is a monster who chucks books once she's read them. The other one wrote this’.

We just listened to Episode 167 – Riverdance! And yes, Riverdance came up irreverently because Sales became reacquainted with Michael Flatley’s cult brand of Irish dancing after a stray text message from a certain celebrated TV satirist (the famous people name dropping is also great and never over played).

In this episode they discuss Crabb’s success with her show, Misrepresented and how it was influenced by Julia Baird’s cult book Media Tarts, followed by lots of light-hearted chatter about family friendly viewing and the duo’s current bingeing tips.

Then there’s a really long conversation about Riverdance which is hilarious!

‘One of the most delightful things about Chat 10 Looks 3 for us has been discovering the teeming world of Chatters out there and the kind things they do for each other. Humans are good! And when we get organised enough to do a live show, we like to pick a charity to support, in honour of all the kind people who support us.’ ~ Sales and Crabb

Chat 10, Looks 3 is a gorgeous, kind community for these times (the number 1 rule for the Facebook page is no dividing political topics or mean comments!) so if you haven’t already keyed into the chatter (which is much nicer than the twitter) you can find out more here.

Oh, and they also have an online bookshop with loads of great recommendations. But most of all the whole podcast is about friendship. We love the genuineness of that.

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