The Magic Pudding Book


The Magic Pudding
by Norman Lindsay

Believing wholeheartedly that children preferred food to fairies, Norman Lindsay concocted a recipe for success that has lingered for ninety years. Here are the adventures of Sam Sawnoff, Barnacle Bill and Albert, the cut-and-come again pudding who requires 'politeness and constant eatin'.

The Magic Pudding is the quintessential Australian children's classic for children and adults alike. Illustrated by Norman Lindsay, The Magic Pudding is a humorous and fantastical tale set in Australia. Albert, the magic pudding, can be eaten again and again and will always reform into a new pudding, ready to be eaten again. His three companions must protect him from the pudding thieves who want to steal him for themselves. This new edition includes letters from Lindsay to his publishers. It is a beautiful keepsake.

Published by Harper Collins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
208 pages
246 x 228mm

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