Tired Summer,
in her forest bower
Turning with
the noontide hour

A Midsummer Noon in the Australian Forest, Charles Harpur

Five ways to revive with Noontide

1/ Add 5–10 drops to the water in your oil burner or vaporiser to promote calm, aid happiness and improve concentration.
2/ Take a mid-afternoon power nap.
3/ Find a shady patch of grass, lie down and make pictures from the clouds.
4/ Make a herbal tincture with fresh lemon verbena and mint. Sip slowly and mindfully.
5/ Refresh your workspace. Place a few drops of Noontide on a cotton cloth and wipe down surfaces for a lingering fragrance.

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Our 5 favourite local bush walks

Noontide is inspired by Arthur Streeton’s cloud renders in ‘Early morning gorse in bloom’.

1/ Our place, Dog Rocks NSW
2/ Goulburn River National Park, near Mudgee NSW
2/ Kanangra Boyd National Park, near Oberon NSW
3/ Wambool Nature Reserve, near Bathurst NSW
4/ Grove Creek Falls, Abercrombie National Park
5/ Evans Crown Nature Reserve, near Tarana NSW

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