Why Dogs are the best people

While the official date for International Dog Day is August 26th, we celebrate our precious fur buddies every day at Southern Wild Co!

Who remembers the song from the nineties, Dogs are the best people by the Aussie band The Fauves? With this song in mind and in honour of our much-loved pooches, we’ve compiled five reasons why we think dogs are the best people.

Dogs are always happy to see you. The sheer joy and excitement channelled through their wagging bums and shiny eyes is a life-affirming welcome every time we get home.

Dogs know when you need a hug. A little affection snout nudge from our puppers can instantly turn a frown upside down. And then they let us smother them with cuddles and kisses. Angels.

Dogs keep you on schedule. Its easy to lose track of time when you are busy, but dogs are sticklers for routine and will give structure to your day. Dog forbid we are late with dinner or walkies!
Dogs are loyal. Pack animals at heart, dogs are hardwired to develop bonds with perceived members of their group. In exchange for food, shelter and affection, our doggies devotion to us is absolutely unwavering.

Dogs are funny buggers. Whether it's after-bath zoomies, a sleeping position involving four legs splayed in the air, or that cheeky little side-eye look when the treat packet is opened, our canine friends know how to make us laugh and laugh and laugh.


Thanks to our four-legged friends Boris the chocolate lab, Milly Moo the cavoodle, Mushie the spaniel, our friend John’s gorgeous pair of Australian shepherds – Tiko and Pablo, and last but not least – Charles Barkly, wire-hair terrier and muse of writer Jessica Bellef.

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