Our wild backyard: A visit to Kanangra-Boyd National Park


Kanangra is an Australian First Nations word for ‘beautiful view’ and during the recent holiday break we ventured out to explore this majestic locale with our Southern Wild Co camera in tow.  

The park’s dramatic scenery, coupled with ready road access from the north, west and east, has ensured the Kanangra-Boyd Wilderness is popular with bushwalkers and in November 2000, the nominated area of over one million hectares, which includes the whole of Kanangra-Boyd, Blue Mountains, Gardens of Stone, Wollemi, Nattai, Yengo and Thirlmere Lakes National Parks and the Jenolan Caves Karst Conservation Reserve, was inscribed on the World Heritage List.

With prehistory dating back approximately 20,000 years, the national park holds significant ongoing ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of ecosystems and communities of plants and animals, particularly eucalypt-dominated ecosystems and important eucalypts and eucalypt-dominated communities, primitive species with Gondwanan affinities such as the Wollemi Pine, and a diversity of rare or threatened plants and animals.

While some of the park was affected by the fires in 2019-20, we noticed many signs of recovery that were uniquely beautiful, fragrant and uplifting. 

We hope you enjoy this little photo gallery of some of the day’s captures – some inspiration for 2021 we hope – a year full of bushwalking, waterfall-chasing and connecting with nature in own our beautiful wild backyard. 

Visit the National Parks and Wildlife website for more information

Last image captured by our friend Liam T Foster, to show you the amazing view from the top of the cliff walk.

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