On the Night Train

Have you seen the Bush by moonlight,
from the train, go running by,

Here a patch of glassy water,
there a glimpse of mystic sky?

Have you heard the still small voice calling,
yet so warm, and yet so cold:

“I’m the Mother Bush that bore you!
Come to me when you are old?”

Did you see the Bush below you sweeping
darkly to the range,

All unchanged and all unchanging,
yet so very old and strange!

Did you hear the Bush a’calling,
when your heart was young and bold:

“I’m the Mother Bush that nursed you! 
Come to me when you are old?”

Through the long, vociferous cutting
as the night train swiftly sped,

Did you hear the grey Bush calling
from the pine-ridge overhead:

“You have seen the seas and cities;
all seems done, and all seems told;

I’m the Mother Bush that loves you!
Come to me now you are old?”

Henry Lawson


moonlight landscape with trees

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