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Above / We use ingredients that we have on hand like our own homegrown lemons, bayleaves and honey from our bees that we collected at the end of summer.


When the temperature plummets, we love to gather with friends around the fire and celebrate ‘Christmas in July’. This version, of course, doesn’t replace ‘real’ Christmas for us but is more a celebration of crisp, clear Australian winter days, home-cooked food and a chance to catch up with friends.

With many of us having British and European heritage, there’s a strong attachment to the tradition of celebrating Christmas in cold weather but we also think there’s a little bit of ‘fomo’ when our northern hemisphere friends are celebrating a lovely, ‘cosy’ Christmas.

July is generally the coldest month of winter here, so celebrations emulate the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere winter. That means hearty food like roasts, and warm drinks in front of fireplaces and firepits. Hence, the new ‘Aussie’ tradition of Christmas in July.

mulled wine recipe
Mulled wine recipe

While this year has been short on those brilliantly blue, crisp and clear winter days, we’re still celebrating the winter season and sharing our favourite warming spiced mulled wine recipe to add a little cheer and warmth to these cold, wet days.

We set the table outside and provide everyone with warm knee blankets (like they do in Skandinavia) and light lots mini Magic Puddings to watch the sun go down. The lovely spice of the candles is the perfect match for our spiced mulled wine recipe.

We’re adding one of our special Southern Wild Co warming mulled wine spice kits to every order of our spicy Magic Pudding candles now until the end of the July. Every Magic Pudding order will automatically receive a complimentary spice kit until midnight 30 July 2022.
Guaranteed to brighten and warm your winter days and perfect for sharing with friends. You can shop here. x

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