A Secret Garden in Berry, NSW

Following on from our recent Summer road trip series, we had the pleasure of visiting a friend’s recently acquired historic home and garden in beautiful Berry, near Nowra on the NSW South Coast.

As we wandered through the lush and fragrant green rooms, the bones of this magical old garden revealed themselves and our noses were greeted by old fashioned scents of rose, mock orange, gardenia and magnolia. We delighted in capturing some snippets for you, along with the very sweet ‘love shack’ vintage caravan. We are absolutely certain Australian fairies live here and can’t wait to see more of this soon-to-be-transformed garden paradise 🌿.

A beautiful lush and green old fashioned garden with roses, gardenias, honeysuckle and magnolia at an historic home in Berry, NSWA close up image of a white gardenia.An historic home in Berry, NSW, a vintage caravan with a pink flamingo standing outside and a wall with a pink climbing roseA very cute black, vintage caravan with two Adirondack chairs out front, in a lush green garden setting at Berry on the NSW South Coast. A close up of a tropical garden.Wisteria growing on an old pergola, a chocolate labrador sleeping and Japanese lace-cap hydrangea

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