Hadley’s Art Prize

Hopefully Tassie will stay ‘un-locked down’ for the 2021 Hadley’s Art prize. One of the richest prizes for landscape art in the country, the $100,000 prize celebrates and promotes the work of contemporary Australian landscape artists. 

Tasmanian artist David Stephenson has been announced winner for 2021 with his arresting image, Time Slice: Bradys Lake – Every Minute from 12:26pm 1/1/2021 to 4:51pm 2/1/2021 (above) that subverts conventions of landscape. Through the constellation of over 2000 time-lapse images, this work draws us in to contemplate a visual record of Brady’s Lake over 28 hours and 25 minutes. The creation of the image began on the first day of 2021 when Tasmanian nights are short. Recognisable elements dissolve and give way to the ephemeral, everlasting aspects of place – weather, season and time become the subject matter. The detail is fluid and there are images within images. Colours and patterns morph and blend through the light recorded over the expanse of time.

The Finalists’ exhibition, with all works for sale, opens today, 31 July, and runs through to 29 August 2021 at the historic Hadley’s Orient Hotel, Hobart.

Hadleys Orient hotel Hobart Tasmania

Hadley’s Orient Hotel has a long history of artistic advocacy starting with some art-loving landlords in the late 1800s. The Hadley’s Art Prize, Hobart is about contributing to the art community, promoting cultural tourism to Tasmania and bringing art back to the historic walls of Hadley’s Orient Hotel though a landscape prize (like the one Howard Hadley won in 1895). Mostly, it’s about celebrating the work of contemporary Australian landscape artists.

Judged by a panel of art specialists, the prize is open to Australian artists over the age of eighteen working in two-dimensional media. Artists at all career stages are invited to enter.

This year judges include Tasmanian artist Michaye Boulter, curator Peter McKay from Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art, and artist, curator, writer and educator Nici Cumpston from the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Finalists this year include: Raymond Arnold, Michelle Hiscock, Mary Tonkin, Robert Feilding, Nongirrna Marawili, Stella Downer, Tom O’Hern, Idris Murphy and Zoe Grey.

Mary Tonkin  King wave, Kalorama  2019

Mary Tonkin  King wave, Kalorama  2019  oil on linen  69 x 139 cm

Raymond Arnold  From behind the screen of branches – Prospect and Refuge  2021

Raymond Arnold  From behind the screen of branches – Prospect and Refuge  2021

Idris Murphy hadleys-2021-Murphy-The-lights-in-the-tree-acrylic-on-aluminium

The lights in the tree, Idris Murphy

Michelle Hiscock  And then came the Flood  2021

Michelle Hiscock  And then came the Flood  2021


You can view the finalists work here.

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